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Imbrex offers the first cost-effective approach to listing exposure and accessibility, where users worldwide can search, view, and get compensated for listing data.

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Imbrex gives agents, sellers and landlords a low-cost way to list and market real estate worldwide.

In a traditional MLS ecosystem, you give your data to a third-party portal provider. They store it in their database and charge you fees to connect with other real estate agents.

On imbrex, you’re not giving us your data, and we’re not storing it in our database. In fact, we don’t have a database. We use blockchain and peer-to-peer technologies to catalog and securely store your listings on computers around the world. You hold the key, you control your data.

How It Works

On the surface, imbrex resembles traditional MLS providers. You enter your listing data, photos and brochure information. Behind the scenes is where the magic happens.

First, Let’s Look at How It’s Currently Done:

You upload 123 Apple Street to your local MLS and your listing is stored on that MLS’ database. Your data is held by one entity, and it isn’t you. In this centralized model, the portal controls listing access and exposure -- and charges you for it.

The New System

On imbrex, you enter the same 123 Apple Street listing data, photos and brochure information. And that’s when the magic happens! The Imbrexer breaks up your listing data into millions of small pieces and, using the blockchain, safely stores your data on computers around the world. A private key, that gives you control of your listing data, is securely and automatically generated in the process. With this key, you control listing access and exposure, and you’re the one who gets to monetize it.


Our application offers a window for buyers, renters and investors around the world to find and see your listing data.


We believe users should be rewarded for participating in a platforms success. For each listing you enter that is not flagged as spam, you will receive IMBREX tokens that can be used for listing new properties and voting.


Listing fees will always remain low because the user is in control of their data, not imbrex. All listing fees are recirculated back into the pool so the platform can continue to reward users for participating in the network.