The Next Chapter

In a few short weeks, we will be releasing the imbrex Alpha onto the Ethereum MainNet. Our team is thrilled to deploy the first global real estate portal and user-curated data marketplace operating on the Ethereum blockchain!

Tested, Well-designed and Independently Audited

We recently completed our smart-contract audit process with ConsenSys Diligence. ConsenSys Diligence provides smart-contract audits as part of a larger best practices service for Ethereum applications, including maintaining the Ethereum Smart Contract Best Practices repo.

Imbrex Contracts

The audit covered these smart contracts:


We are pleased to report ConsenSys Diligence found everything to behave as intended, and did not discover any game-breaking vulnerabilities.

Below, please find a list of their findings, severity rating and status.

Minor and Medium issues do not represent actual bugs or security problems.


Imbrex has resolved all but three suggestions:

  • Pragma Not Locked
  • Pseudo: Excessive Logic in Forward Function
  • REXToken: Complex Fallback Function

The purpose for not locking the Pragma is because we don’t have a launch date set for MainNet deployment and would like to update our contracts to the latest Solidity version to accommodate for changes made between now and release. We will lock the Pragma once our launch date has been secured. The Excessive logic identified in our Pseudo Contract forward function ensures that IMBREX tokens are deducted from the users account (Pseudo address). It also waives the first 5 Listing fees for Subscribers so they have the opportunity to participate in the Listing Rewards. This is done so they don’t have to leave imbrex’s native application to obtain IMBREX tokens. Fallback functions are called when a contract is sent a message with no arguments (or when no function matches). The IMBREX Token fallback function will remain open because the contract is deployed on MainNet and cannot be changed. This is a minor suggestion and will not have an impact on security.

You can find details on the above findings in the linked complete audit report.

What ConsenSys Diligence had to say about imbrex

“It was a pleasure to work with the imbrex team, who provided us with a set of tested and well-designed smart contracts for audit, and quickly implemented our recommendations,” said, Tom Lindeman from ConsenSys Diligence. “Imbrex’s solution allows users to fully control their data, and using token economics imbrex is reducing friction and adding decentralized trust to the global real estate market.”

Moving Forward

We believe an intuitive, easy-to-use, platform is equally important for success. Now that the audit is complete, our focus has shifted towards UI upgrades, including the finalization of the subscription process, upgrading the registration/login flow (as per tested feedback), connecting user Dashboard analytics, and finalizing video/copy content for signup, voting and Listing Rewards functions. Our final sprint to MainNet kicked off yesterday! We will provide our next development update two weeks from today.