Hi everyone,

The team just returned from ETHDenver, which turned out to be quite an exciting event! Tegula participated in the buidlathon, John presented on “The Tale of Two Webs” and we enjoyed many engaging conversations on the direction of Web3.

The team meeting one of the industry’s top pioneers, Andreas Antonopoulos. (Left to right: Stephen King, Andreas Antonopoulos, William, King, John O’Sullivan, Alex Jacoby, Edouard Barthelemy).

After 48 hours of caffeine-fueled coding, the buidlathon came to a close, and we are pleased to announce the winner of the “Most Creative Use Case for tegula” was JobSimple! JobSimple’s buidl team is comprised of Prabhu Velayutham, Tyler Tworek, Steve Ham & Somasundaram Sundaram. The team stripped out the RESO data schema and created an application that streamlines and secures immigration sponsorship. Typically, when a person immigrates to a new country, they are required to obtain local sponsorship. Locating a sponsor can be difficult, especially if the applicant doesn’t know anyone in the host country. For the host, it is difficult to screen candidates quickly as there are many documents to review and consider. Once an applicant and an interested  host connect, there is additional, more sensitive paperwork to pass back and forth to complete the process. With JobSimple, an applicant can place an ad on the application with all of the necessary documentation in a smart contract. A host can begin to vet candidates by first viewing an introductory bio provided by the applicant. If it’s looking like a match , they can request the private key from the applicant and unlock their additional documentation. The host gets access to the applicant’s details in a private, secure and transparent environment. The applicant can be assured that their immigration data remains secure and that the host only gets access to what they need to in order to start the process. With the world quickly globalizing, this was not only the most creative submission, but also the most timely. Well done JobSimple!

Next, John presented,  “A Tale of Two Webs”, our story of the challenges we faced engaging a Web2 audience on our Web3 application. The UX problem is not unique to us as initially Web3 application users have been geeks like us and so projects have been able to neglect UI/UX. During the  UX & Usability panel, comprised of Matt Cutler (Blocknative), Jeff Vier (Ideas by Nature), Tom Teman (Portis), Taylor Monahan (MyCrypto), Sean Li (Fortmatic), the panel discussed how the Web3 user profile is changing and lately design, as it should be, is a hot topic.  A couple of Jeffrey’s insights caught our attention. For one thing, “…we want to have  variable onramps and progressive disclosures”. What Jeffrey means is we should let users have the choice whether to participate in Web3 and when, don’t force it upon them. We learned this lesson firsthand back when imbrex’s initial signup process linked to MetaMask and required a digital wallet. During the first week, we saw 90% of our signups drop off at the MetaMask installation. We suggest taking Jeffrey’s advice and to separate wallets, private keys, and gas from the initial user experience, and invite them further into the application (and ultimately into the new world of Web3) via optional onramps that deliver progressive disclosures (from simple to more complex concepts)—where and when relevant to the job the user is looking to do (Jeffrey made a second great point, regarding progressive education and custodial ownership, “…custodial ownership is ok, as long as we are educating the user away from custodial solutions over time”. It is exciting to see a shift of attention toward Design and User Experience because without it, web3 will continue to have have a limited audience.

John O’Sullivan giving a stellar performance at ETHDenver on some of the innovative solutions imbrex created for a smoother Web2 -> Web3 user transition.

The Road Ahead

Imbrex and tegula are now stable, and its time to commercialize the project. The next steps include formalizing enterprise partnerships, syndicating their data to our publicfacing application and deploying Escrow Commons™. We will be announcing these partners over the course of the next several months, while adding Commercial Real Estate listings to the application. In addition, we’ill be expanding the team and looking for talented engineers, salespeople and operations geeks to join our mission to connect the global real estate industry. If you are a designer, frontend engineer, specialize in user experience, or love operations, please email us at [email protected].

Stephen & William being interviewed on tegula!