Hello imbrex community,

It’s just over a month since we went live on Mainnet! We want to take this opportunity to provide updates on early adopter user experience, application stats, new features, our development roadmap and upcoming presentations.

Eighty percent of new signups chose to be subscribers over non-subscribers. This is no surprise because the feedback we collected last year was people did not want to purchase Ether to pay for gas costs to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. As a reminder, the subscription service handles the Ethereum transaction process for users. To further ease the experience of crossing the Web 2.0/3.0 threshold, we decided to give each new subscriber 20 free Ethereum transactions. Now users can give the application a try without entering a credit card or paying for their first twenty transactions on the blockchain. It appears the Subscription Model was well worth the investment. If you haven’t tried the platform yet, we encourage you to create an account!

Next, we learned that the MetaMask wallet process was bogging down new user signups. So we simplified the overall signup flow and made installing Metamask optional. Users can now generate their wallets during the signup process by clicking one button and saving their seed phrase. We also replaced two factor authentication (OTP) with the familiar email address and password login.

There have been 2,500 listings added to imbrex! Regions include Colorado, Texas, New York, New Jersey, California and Connecticut with Arizona and Florida is coming soon.

We released several frontend updates that include new input fields based on the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) Data Dictionary. We will be submitting our schema to RESO to be certified as RESO-compliant. In addition we added advanced search filters. Users can now search by number of bedrooms, baths, garages, pool, and zip code. We’re in the process of designing and deploying property status tags that display whether a property is Active, Under Contract, and Sold. Last, users will have access the polygon feature on maps to outline specific geographic searchs.

Development Roadmap
August through December the frontend team will be converting the application from Mithril.js to React.js. We originally designed the frontend in Mithril, so that it would be lightweight. However, as we continued to expand functionality in the frontend, we realized React.js will provide a more stable framework going forward. The backend team will be splitting the ImbrexAPI into microservices. As we increase the stability of the application and reduce future technical debt, we will continue to collect feedback and enhance the live application. We will also be developing the MVP of Escrow Commons™.

Imbrex Ambassadors will continue to onboard firms, and the team will continue to pitch and onboard Enterprises. The objective during the next four months is to collect as much user feedback as possible and begin mapping what we learn into future releases.

In January, the new app will be deployed on Mainnet and the team will shift agent onboarding efforts to New York City. We plan to add 7,000 agents (25% of New York’s base) and over 10,000 listings in the next 24 months. Firm and MLS onboarding will continue on a national level through the Enterprise API.

During this time we will be deploying Escrow Commons™ to Mainnet. More to come on scaling and strategy in September!

We will be presenting at the RESO 2018 Fall Conference in Milwaukee October 15-18th, and we applied to present at Devcon 4 in Prague. Videos of the presentations will posted on about.imbrex.io.

We encourage everyone using the application to please provide feedback at support@imbrex.io.

Since deploying imbrex to mainnet the feedback has been exceptional. We value our daily interactions with the community and look forward to expanding this user base over thd next phase of development.

Onward and upward!