Hi everyone,

We’ve had another busy and productive month at imbrex. Below, please find October’s update. Enjoy!


Beginning in Sept and through year-end, James and Oli are migrating the frontend from Mithril.js to React.js. As a reminder, we originally designed the frontend in Mithril.js so it would be lightweight and could eventually be hosted in IPFS (though we’ve iterated away from that). We realized that React would provide a more stable framework and more flexibility in terms of upgrade options. During this time, Edouard and John are breaking up our backend APIs into microservices. They’ve completed the user and email APIs and start the listing API next week. Breaking up the backend into microservices naturally led to establishing continuous deployment as our m.o. Combined, the upgrades will lay a solid foundation for delivering of the Enterprise App and Escrow Commons™ to the community.


In addition to infrastructure upgrades, we’re updating some of our backend processes in order to scale. Foremost among the valuable lessons we’ve learned from our users, is that the installation of a MetaMask wallet, which requires the download and installation of software plugin, is too confusing. So, we replaced MetaMask with an in-app web3 wallet plugin. Now, users can create their imbrex wallet as part of a familiar-feeling sign-up process. Next, the Ethereum ecosystem has gone through several spikes in transaction volume, resulting in increased gas costs and slower transaction processing. This affected imbrex in two ways. First, it exhausted the patience of web2 users, who are not accustomed to feeling the financial and performance impact of ae clogged network on their individual user experience. Second, it increased the cost to imbrex of subscription signups, as each new imbrex user is allocated a pseudo contract to enable us to sign ETH transactions on their behalf.. We do intend to continue to make it easy for web2 users to use imbrex, without becoming blockchain gurus, so we set about developing methods to cut down the number and cost of transactions. . We’re excited to announce all of these updates; they’ll be included in our January release.


We had eight ambassadors participate in Phase I of our imbrex Ambassador program, and three crossed the threshold to reach the second tier. Excited by the success of Phase I, we’ll be announcing the details of Phase II next month.

Congratulations on your onboarding successes, and much gratitude for the invaluable feedback you brought back from your experiences introducing imbrex to early adopters from the real estate community, goes to::

 Lanie Brown, Texas

Alex Bartram, Texas

Shane Cook, Arizona

Application Statistics

Imbrex has over 12,000 listings in 24 states! We’ve successfully onboarded two major firms, Toll Brothers and My Home Group. My Home Group is the second fastest brokerage in the US and completed 14% of all the real estate transactions in Arizona last month. Toll Brothers continues to dominate the global home building market and was recently ranked #1 Home Builder worldwide on the Fortune Magazine. We recently met with two additional firms that will be onboarded later this month!



Going Forward

Our focus over the next three months is on stabilizing our infrastructure, so we can scale. During this time we’ll continue to pitch and onboard firms. We’ve been hyper-focused on pitching, presenting and building. From October 15-17, we’ll be in Milwaukee presenting at the Real Estate Standards Organization (RESO) annual conference. And, we’ll be at Devcon, in Prague, October 30 – November 02.

With firms on board, a solid architectural foundation, and lower user onboarding costs in place, we will begin tuning up our marketing strategy in 2019. This includes expanding our sales force and digital marketing presence. So, you’ll see us around the interwebs a bit more than has been our usual. Meanwhile, onboarded firms means real estate listing data you can view. You don’t need to sign up to check out imbrex. We’d love to hear what you think!